In EP9 geophysical field experiments and petrophysical lab experiments were combined. This combination allows conclusions up to the sub-seismic scale. Beside the data acquisition the substantial processing of the different data sets is in the focus of the work. This is a necessary workflow before geoscientific interpretations can be made. During the INFLUINS drilling three borehole geophysical surveys were conducted after each drilling stage, including measurements of gamma ray, spectral gamma ray, gamm-gamma density, neutron-neutron prosity, resistivity, borehole deviation, susceptibility, temperature, sonic, acoustic televiewer and dipmeter. In the petrophysics laboratory new measurement concepts are developed by EP9. These non-destruktive methods allow investigation with ultrasonic sound at the drilling core samples and other rock samples. Also measurements of thermal conductivity on the surface of "bohrkernhalbflächen" are possible.


Figure 2: Reflection seismic Survey with seismic vibrators around Erfurt.

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Figure 3: Borehole geophysical measurements after drilling at the INFLUINS deep borehole.


Figure 4: Petrophysical measurements on core-samples of the INFLUINS deep borehole with a multi-sensor-core-logger (MSCL).