Data management

Geological State Archive of Thuringia

A central task of the Thuringian State Institute for Environment and Geology (TLUG) within ZPK is to provide information from the Geological State Archive. In Thuringia, these data has been compiled systematically for more than 100 years and meanwhile provides a detailed image of the geology of Thuringia. Therefore it is an essential data base for nearly all individual projects in INFLUINS. Parts of the data are already stored in digital database systems, other parts are only available in analogue form, predominantly in unpublished reports.

Important work steps are:


Geological Sample Storage of Thuringia (GeoPAT)

Similarly indispensable for the project INFLUINS are the rock, mineral, and drilling core samples stored in the Geological Sample Storage of Thuringia (GeoPAT) in Niederpöllnitz near Triptis. Main item of the repository are drilling core samples. These core samples would reach from Niederpöllnitz to Berlin, if lined up end to end. A major part of the core samples originates from deep boreholes in the Thuringian Basin and can therefore be used for a variety of questions in the context of INFLUINS. Furthermore, numerous rock and mineral samples as well as thin sections and polished sections are available for specific investigations.

Important work steps are:


Scientific drilling

As part of the project ZPK, the TLUG took part in the technical and scientific planning of the scientific drilling, the selection of the drilling site, the negotiations with the property owner, and the construction of the expected geological drilling profile.

At the drilling site in Erfurt, the TLUG participated in the installation of the drilling containers and the documentation of the drilled core sections. Finally, a measuring cable for long-time temperature-recording was installed within the bore hole.

At the GeoPAT in Niederpöllnitz, the drilling cores were cut, and the scientists from the INFLUINS-project were assisted in documenting and sampling the cores.

Subsequently, the drilling cores of the INFLUINS scientific drilling will be stored permanently in the GeoPAT und will be kept available for further scientific studies.